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His Perfect Timing
by ss.cupcake south

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When I became born again at age twenty-two, it was such a remarkable day of Salvation. I had sought the Lord for years as a little girl, but finally sitting in church one morning, it all clicked. Jesus Christ died for my sins, and if I confessed Him as Lord and Saviour, He would forgive me, coming into my life! What a blessing that winter Sunday turned out to be! But for many years after that day, I suffered from a wounded heart. I knew God loved me and believed His Scriptures why didnt God heal this wound within me that caused so much torment? It took over twenty years for me to finally receive the total inner healing of my heart and emotions that I longed prayed to receive. Why God chose that particular night at a church conference to show me that I could be healed, will always remain a mystery. But as I walked to my hotel from the church, God showed me in a vision that He understood where the pain came from and, as He witnessed to my heart, "let's burn it & all the memories that it holds". Yes, it was a vision that represented deep hurts and rejection, but God had the power to completely destroy it forever and heal me. My God did heal me and I have never suffered from that wounded heart or rejection ever since. How I thank Him! God can do much more than we can imagine or think, and do it His way and in His perfect timing. Thank you, Lord!

Written by: ss.cupcake south

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