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A Servant's Prayer
by Christine Hare

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This true story was told to me by my friend Gilbert regarding a mutual friend named Lillian. Lillian is a humble woman who enjoys serving people. She is a wonderful cook and often invites friends and strangers over for dinner. However she can help, Lillian volunteers. One particular evening Gilbert was there watching Lillian prepare chicken cutlets. She had some guests coming, and at the last minute several other uninvited guests showed up. She never turned away a soul. Gilbert asked if she wanted him to go and buy some more cutlets. Lillian gave him a sweet glance and said,"Let's pray instead and ask the Lord to multiply what I already have." That's exactly what they did, and lo and behold, the cutlets never ran out! Gilbert was amazed! I believe he said the breadcrumbs ran out first! Everyone ate to their heart's content and there were leftovers to take home...Lillian always put her faith into action. God has never disappointed her over the years. She always had a smile and welcome mat at her front door, ready to serve Jesus at a moment's notice. What an inspiration she was. I've moved out of that state, so I don't know what she's doing today, but I'll always remember Lillian and her humble, unselfish attitude.

Written by: Christine Hare

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