God is on my side

By lucia howell | Date Submitted: 08/01/09

Category: Family
Keywords: hold on through your trials and tribulations
Summary: my husband,and children are on the prowl

God has been so good to me, I have felt like giving up because of the pressure.My husband is an alcoholic,and my three children also.My daughter moved in with me and she has five children,and they have destroyed my home.holes in the wall, my carpet is destriyed with juice stains mydaughter sits outside of my door and drink from morning to night,and she brings along her friends,the neighbors wants me to move because of all of the drinking and loud music my daughter blast her car radio,and we have had some arguments because i have felt that she is trying to get me petitioned out of the neighborhood,my son lives behind me,and he drinks too,very heavily.i've been praying,and my daughter went to church,i know that God is going to work out this situation.my husband drinks until he doesn't focus,i am saved,i know that it is GOD that has kept me from going insane. and i have my daughter five and my son 2 year old baby,and they gets mad with me,if i do not watch their children,but,i have woke up,and i have spoken up for myself,and it's going to be alright,i give GOD all of the glory.

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