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You Will Win With Christ

by Richard Dottery

Just because you're only winning
One battle at a time, I gotta say
Doesn't mean, that you and God aren't winning
And things aren't going to turn out, the right way,

Just keep on, asking and believing
God is listening for your call
To send His help, His wisdom
And His Power and Strength and all,

The final victory will be yours 
In Jesus Christ, I know
So we just need to let God lead
And learn to follow, closely so,

Winning battle after battle
For God and good, you see
Keeping on moving forward
Almighty God, is there with thee,

And you can't loose the victory
So long as you're in Christ, you win
Jesus Christ, the Righteous
All Power in Heaven and earth, totally rests in Him,

So fight, the good fight of faith
With Jesus by your side
Stay close, ever Trusting Him
It's in Him, you must abide,

Always knowing in your heart and mind
That with Him, You have-to win
Leaning on Jesus, our Lord and Saviour
Just put, all your confidence in Him.

Richard Dottery
Copyright ©2000 Richard Dottery 

Written by: Richard Dottery Dottery

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