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A Tribute to my Aunt

by tamkay43 M
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A Tribute to 
My Aunt
How I remember her so well
Going over to visit them and
Eating all of her delicious meals
That she cooked for all of us to eat 
And oh how we enjoyed the stories
That she has told us about long ago.

How I remembered the times that my Aunt
And uncle came for Christmas Eve with a lot
Of laughter and love that we had with the
Both of them in a single night with all of
Our family together in our houseful of love.

Even though we have not seen my Aunt
Anymore makes me sad but knowing 
That those memories that I have of her
Would always be in my heart forevermore
Because of the loving person that she always
Was to each one of us daily in her life.

Now that she has traveled alone to God’s House
To see her brothers that has gone on before her
Will be up there waiting with open arms next to
Jesus while smiling at her and saying Welcome 
Home now and for Eternity forevermore.
She will be missed down here on earth but she’s
Gone home to be with her Lord Jesus Christ!

By Tamara
Oct. 2005

Written by: tamkay43 M

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