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God's Special Child

by Rebekah Goble

God's Special Child

(This poem is dedicated to my nephew, Paul, who has Down Syndrome.  He is my heart!)

All the angels gathered 'round to sit at Jesus' feet,
He said He had someone special He wanted them to meet.
They waited with excitement, for they knew that on this day,
They would be the ones to help that special someone on their way.
They sang and shouted in joyful glee when in His arms they saw,
One of God's creations, the most beautiful of all.
In His arms He held a baby's tender soul with care,
And lovingly the Lord designed the body it would wear.
Created in His image it was formed and it was made,
He even chose a special family for this very special babe.
He gave them lots of patience and hearts filled up with love,
He prepared the perfect place for this gift from up above.
The angels cheered and danced as they broke into a song,
It was finally the day that they had waited for so long.
As the angels sang their song of joy the baby was brought forth,
And as his parents held him, his life began it's course.
When he was created, he was given special talents,
Where others saw him lacking, God had made him balanced.
Though we're created in God's image, each one is made unique,
And as we love and grow in Jesus we are wonderfully complete.

Rebekah Ruth Kinney Goble
Copyright ©2005 Rebekah Kinney

Written by: Rebekah Goble

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