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She heard the angels calling her home

by Maydora Eberhardt

Tests confirmed: the dreaded cancer,
A cure: not within the answer.
We hugged, and cried,
She said "Dry your eyes."
Demanding, "No more tears, no bawling."
Seemingly elated the angels were calling.
Telling us "it's a time to celebrate",
'Forever in heaven': the promise of her great faith.

Although she wanted to go, she wanted to stay, ya know.

There is a lingering that's sweet and sad,
Yet, leaving would most assuredly, make her glad.
Her tired, tattered bones lay motionless
Even if, her mind was vigorous.
She was speaking to the angels above,
Hovering, in ready: to soar, with the spiritual dove.
She told us "they are all around me now."
We knew the angels were gathered somehow!

Soon her speech would end, later it would mend.

As she rose, the angels sang,
Another light entered heaven utmost amazed.
Now watching over us from a much higher station,
She leisurely lingers in God's great nation.

As she heard the angels calling her home,
These were the words she let known:
"Love each other", "forgive and forget", "celebrate life",
"No regrets", definitely imperative: sagacity found in daily strife.
Reiterated profusely, "Love one another."
A Holy message from a divinely inspired Mother. 

Now she's fulfilled the angels hail,
Beyond the blue she presently sails.
A parting wish: so Christ-like,
Love each other and celebrate life!

Written by: Maydora Eberhardt

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