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by Linda Etling
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"This is Dedicated to all the Mothers out there that lost a son or daughter to war"

It's Memorial Day today
I hear the bands uptown
I'm sure there are many flags
Hung all around

Soon the BBQ will fill the air
Friends and family will come
Many will laugh and celebrate
This day means only fun

Oh to me this day means not the same
For they came knocking at my door
With news that changed our life forever
On my knees I dropped to the floor

They said my son has died in battle
That he was brave up to the end
He died for God and Country
Be proud when sorrow begins

A strong and honored man he was
He loved this country so
He happily gave his life for her
If only all would know

He saw the value of freedom
He stood bravely against the foe
I still see his smile and feel his Hugs
If only people would know

Our boys feel love and strength inside
In the uniform that they wear
They would proudly do it all again
Because for you they deeply care.

There are no words that we can say
describing these women and men
No amount of gratitude is enough
To show the love within

For they wear their uniform with honor
We all need to stop and pray
Each time we see them say THANK YOU
And may God Bless them along the way

The last full measure of Devotion
My son gave to each one of us
As many many others have before
In their strength we must trust

We too must be dedicated to this land
To keep this country free
For freedom isn't free at all
For my son, this I plea

Turn back to God oh mighty Nation
may all dedicate their life to you
May all who live here love Her
And stand for freedom too

Don't give in to the Devil
Don't turn your back on God
One Nation indivisible
Oh my son died for the land you trod

Be strong in your love for Her
Make it a great land again
Turn your backs on all evil
For it's her people that need faith again

So today when you're having fun
In the joy of all you do
Step back a moment and say a prayer
For our children who died for you

Linda Sue Etling

Copyright © 2010 by Linda Sue Etling
All Rights Reserved

Written by: Linda Etling

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