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Life After Death Articles

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Life After Death Poetry

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Blessed Hope
by Joni Brooks
At times we all get sad, lonely and/or discouraged and these are just a few words of fact that can lift our Spirit and our eyes to the Glorious Truth!

The Memories Will Be Worth It All
by Linda Etling
This is dedicated to John Bradshaw a hero, soldierfor god and our country. We lost him a few months ago and only God knows why. But Gods gift to us were the 18 years of Johns life, the love he showed to all of us and his Faith in God.

by David C. Cha
Mom passed away 1 year after lung cancer diagnosis. We, the children, took care of her at home taking turns until 3 days before passing. We are looking forward to eternal life in heaven together thanks to our Savior, Jesus Christ!!

by katie fannin
I wrote this for my husband's grandmother on the day she passed away. It seemed to comfort her and I hope it does for you as well.

The Judgment Seat of Christ
by Susan Bunts Wachtel

Look Into Gods Eyes
by debbie w
this is about me losing my son 8 months ago to an accidental overdose because of an Illness.

Brand New Angel
by Linda Etling
My precious cousin was handicap and fought her whole life to make it on her own. She was sweet and soft and loved all the good things on Earth. Now she is in a perfect body and happy and healthy in Heaven....What a peace we have......Our God is so

Divine Appointment
by Susan Bunts Wachtel
Reflections on our divine appointment

I'll Go There
by Rikijeanne Hathaway
We believers know the road to heaven is a narrow

Can I see A Miracle
by linda henry
God sometime create little miracle, all you must do is ask. Never worry because God will take them in His hand where their is everlasting life

Butterflies in Heaven
by linda henry
This poem is a beautiful poetry about what can happens after death.

Our Journey's End
by Linda Etling
A dear man I met took such wonderful care of his precious wife who was getting very feeble... The first poem Our Journey was about them taking care of her the 2nd is about her passing today.....

Loss of Mom(Dad)
by Richard Dottery
passing of mom or dad

Now is the Time
by Rikijeanne Hathaway
We always think there will be a tomorrow, what if there is not? What are you willing to do right now about your future?

by Sarah Berthelson
funeral or bereavement

Cheished Tiny Soul
by Barbara Beck-Elam
This poem was written for a friend that was murdered by her husband in a domestic violence situation. I miss her deeply. I wrote this for her in remembrance.

by lucia Howell

My Greatest Day
by Pamela Haworth
The day we are working towards. When we walk with our Savior

Who Died?
by Ronnie Bateman
Although Christ went to the cross it was death that lost its sting.

Let The Eagles Soar
by Sarah Berthelson

by Brenda LaVelle
This is about the joy of seeing Jesus face-to-face in Heaven. It is about the ultimate will of God.

She Rests in February
by Barbara Beck-Elam
A small child was taken to soon by a unruly world. I know the Lord holds her in the palm of his hand.

by Lisa Grosinsky
to my baby sister

My Resting Place, (for the loss of a child)
by Barbara Beck-Elam
After watching the story of this young man being found after 5 years gave me hope that we all can find a resting place awaiting us. The voice of his parents were so filled with love and conviction in knowing their son was home in the arms of our Lord

If There Were only God
by kisekis cacioppo
I need only Jesus

That was No Angel
by Jean Walker Rawlings
Satan appears as an angel of light

Our First Steps in Heaven
by Linda Etling
What a wonderful day that will be!

by Cathy Hunsperger
This poem is in memory of my mother Irma that went to be with Jesus in Dec. 2006. She passed away of ovarian cancer that she had for 4 years.

by Cathy Hunsperger
This poem was written to my mother and read to her and at her funeral. She went to be with Jesus in Dec. of 2006

The Resurrection
by Chante Holsey
The times of feeling disconnected to God for me is a fate worst than death, but he has restored my soul once again.......

Where Are You Going
by Richard Dottery
Where Are You Going

When A Believer Passes On
by Richard Dottery
When A Believer Passes On

Judgement Day
by David E. Dessner
deliverance of the just

Prison Walls
by David E. Dessner
wrath of God

A Moment In Time
by David E. Dessner

Treasure Bound
by David E. Dessner

The Harvest
by David E. Dessner

Standing at Heavens Door
by Diane Zaayenga
Written in honor of a neighbor & friend ( to her family) as she waits to go home with Jesus.

Love Letter from a friend...
by Diane Zaayenga
In honor of our son's best friend who passed away at an early age of 18.

The caged bird
by Deborah Nichols
The bird struggles in its cage, the heart in the rib cage, the new believer in the church - all struggling to submit to the truth.

Heaven Was Waiting....
by Diane Zaayenga
Written for those who have recently had a loved one go

Time of Renewal
by Wayne F. Winters

Soldier Gone
by Sylvia L. Green
This poem is encourages loved ones to be sorrowful but celebrate one's death.

Lost my daughter today
by jessi james the Third
The lost of your child

A Birthday Gift for Mother
by Connie Hinnen Cook
It's my late Mother's birthday and it's true I miss her so, & it is on this very day my Gabriel chose to go...

by Nick Bresolin
I wrote this after my Dad died on May 7th 2004

The Call of God
by John Reardon
I wrote this poem while in a mental institute and after I renewed my faith and commitment to Jesus.

Not One Tear
by Karin Reinhardt
This poem refers to comfort for those I leave behind that they may know I will be with God.

The Quiet Little Glen
by Wayne F. Winters

Believers In Heaven
by Richard Dottery
Believers In Heaven

by Linda Etling
Can you imagine the Souls bound for Hell....Oh how they would want to warn their loved ones......

Just Lent
by sarah cog
about husbands mother going home after a long sruggle

by sarah cog
wrote for my husband on the loss of his beautiful mother

by Linda Etling
Sad Sad day when there is no time left to change and turn to God.........

by Wayne F. Winters

In That Day
by Rikijeanne Hathaway
What will you say?

by Linda Etling
Written for a friend who lost her baby and how God gave her strength....

by Richard Dottery
Christ Awaiting

The Treasure Chest
by Linda Etling
This story was told to me the night of the visitation for my mom. It helped me look at her laying there in a whole different light. I hope it helps others as they face this sad time. We are blessed to have Christian families. We will see them aga

Where the Sun Never Sets
by Sandra Popp
A little glimpse of heaven.

Things are so much brighter here
by Peter Berrie
After watching the joy on someones face as they knew they were going to meet their Saviour. The peace that came over them and the love in the room, I felt the love of Christ and wondered how could any one doubt life after death.

by Godsbestimage Barden

Loss to Suicide
by Joyce C. Lock
God does not give Satan power over death.

Removed Tears
by Silas Nave
An encouraging poem about what God has done for me and how he has given me hope to look forward to in the end.

Until Next Time
by V Helena
Coping with the death of a loved one can be very difficult. Take courage in knowing that the Father is there to carry you through and to see that renewed soul into eternal and glorious life.

by Nancy Burr
Written for my Nana!

Today I Shall Not Weep
by Connie Hinnen Cook
"Today is Mother's death-date and it's quite alright with me, in years past I have wept and mourned, but now I've been set free..."

All About Hell
by Richard Dottery
Don't choose to go to hell.

Afraid To Die
by Richard Dottery
God's people don't need to fear death.

Absent In The Body
by Richard Dottery
Absent In The Body

by Godsbestimage Barden

by Elizabeth Pearson
Only two gates to choose from! You must choose the right one to gain Heaven. How will you know which is the right one?

A Coming Day Soon
by Richard Dottery
A day when Jesus returns for us.

by Elizabeth Pearson
The Christian's hope because of Christ's triumph over death and the grave!

Saved By Grace
by Richard Dottery
By our Faith through His Grace, He saves us.

A Day Awaiting
by Richard Dottery
All believers day of rejoicing.

by Richard Dottery
The return of Jesus Christ for us and the Marriage feast of the Lamb.

A Day Of Rejoicing
by Richard Dottery
We Look foward unto our day of rejoicing.

by Elizabeth Pearson
God has given sufficient warning that judgment is coming. How will you fare?

Death Is Not the End
by Peggy McIlveene
Death is not the end of things, but for a Christian, is the very best of things... eternal life with our Savior!!!

Big To-Do
by Connie Hinnen Cook
It's January 23rd, a day I love and hate, mixed emotions come upon me on today, your natal date...

Sympathy Greetings
by Joyce C. Lock
Greetings to comfort those who've lost loved ones.

by Elizabeth Pearson
Life is not worth living if Heaven is not your ultimate destiny.

I'm Heading to Heaven
by jamie the poet
I wrote this for a friend whose twelve year old was losing her battle with cancer.

by Rebecca(Becca) Lang
How I believe, that we are re-incarnated till our purpose on earth is fullfilled then the glories of heaven belong to us. I know it is a little

Before My Mother Died
by Connie Hinnen Cook
Before my Mother died Daddy always had a smile, Fun-loving, playful, upbeat ~

In the Last Days
by Peggy McIlveene
This poem was taken directly from 2 Peter 3:3-14, and is about scoffers in the Last Days!

True Light
by Maydora Eberhardt

A New Friendship In Heaven
by Trish G.
In memory of a relative I hope to know better in heaven.

by Brenda Madden
I wrote this one year after my grandmother died.

His Holy Kiss
by Maydora Eberhardt
This is a tribute to the loving Mother that God blessed me with, and the confidence that we will be together again.

Once I Pass Away
by Crystal Johnson
A poem written and dedicated to those I leave behind, when finally I get to cross over to the other side of the realm.

Midnight Mourning
by Connie Hinnen Cook
"She visits him at midnight when no one ever sees, she walks the path by streetlight which filters thru the trees..."

The Promise
by Dusty Tincher

A Cowboy's Lament
by Connie Hinnen Cook
"Dear Lord, got nuthin' speshul, jest wanna chat with nuthin' in this whole wide world thet I would druther dew..."

Send It Back
by LadiBlest H

Acquainted with Grief
by Connie Hinnen Cook
"I've gotten used to missing you, my grief's begun to ease; I don't sit down to write you notes or phone to shoot the breeze..."

What Will You Leave Behind?
by Janice stancil
The choices you make in this life will decide you fate

I Brought Your Picture
by Kelly Cummings
My son was on life support the last 6 days before he died. Most of the nurses were quite cold, convinced that he would die. One darling of a nurse helped me through, and cried along with me.

What a Grieving Mother Really Thinks
by Kelly Cummings
After the death of a child, it is hard to talk to others about what you are feeling. People think you should be father along than you are, and cannot understand your grief lasting so long. this poem is about what a grieving mom would really like to say to

'Till We Meet Again
by Maydora Eberhardt

God's Child
by Lisa Martin
This is about my cousin Andrea who went to be with Jesus.

Blinding Light
by Tanya Mims-Adams
Hope of life after death

Just like the grave flowers
by Anastacia N.
Life after death...what else?

There's a Place
by Jen Ober
A poem about how I see heaven. What I beleive heaven is like.

Mother and Child
by Kelly Cummings
This is a poem written for my son Joshua, who died January 18, 2002. He suffered brain damage and was on life support for 6 days before he died. This poem is about those 6 days.

His Child
by Jean Bengey
A childhood lost cannot be retreived. Even so, there is a life in Christ that lifts us all above what was and what is.

Cost of Money
by Connie Hinnen Cook
"How much did your money cost you? Was the ladder of wealth hard to climb?..."

A Tribute to Skitters
by Connie Hinnen Cook
For *cherished* pets will wait for us in heavenly homes above, when God asks what they found below & their answer is, "Love!"

by Connie Hinnen Cook
"Once, deep within a shady glen where caterpillars roam..."

On Cherub's Wing
by Connie Hinnen Cook
"I would have given the sun, the moon, and all that love could buy her..."

Last Chance to Weep
by Connie Hinnen Cook
"A year has passed and still you grieve, the tears flow down your face; you miss her voice, you miss her laugh, no one can take her place..."

Beloved Burden
by Connie Hinnen Cook
"Her guardian angel loved her, maybe even more than I..."

by Laura Dean

"God Needed A Friend"
by Marigrace Iodice
Written in Loving Memory of a Very Special Person & a Very Special Friend...Khalid ShahidMay 3, 1976 – September 11, 2001Just as you were loved, so shall you be missed.

A poem about the joyous wedding of Jesus and his bride the church.

A poem about the jewels in the walls of the heavenly city.

JESUS Sends An Angel
by Janice stancil
Christians have nothing to fear as they face death.

Familar Faces
by deb sims
This poem was written in memory of my lovely niece Amanda Paige


-= Born Asleep =-
by Matthew Pure
On the morning of our miscarriage ~ I wrote the following prayer ~ as a memorial to our baby.

The Child I Cannot See
by Susan Collins
This poem was written for my son, Dale.

"For My Unborn Child"
by Marigrace Iodice
Having a miscarriage when I was younger was one of my hardest expierences. My salvation was believing that one of God's Angels needed a child to love.

by Lillis Cruz

Life Goes On
by Marie Knell
Short reflection on life, death and eternity.

The Road To Heaven
by Amanda Trinkley
This is about the meeting with Jesus.

Today God Called You Home
by Marigrace Iodice
I wrote this poem in an effort to help myself & my kids cope with the death of a loved one.

My Angel
by Curt McRee
I dedicate this in memory of my darling daughter who passed away in 1960.

'Til We Meet Again
by Patricia Romer
I wrote this poem when my son died.

His Presence
by Bonni Purdue
My constant will to die some time ago led me to these poems. Writing and poring out my words so someone would here!

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