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The Race
by Angela Watkins Thomas

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Mac Anderson (Founder, Successories) gives the Introduction of The Race - Lifes's Greatest Lesson.

Mac shares it seems when that when we pursue the things really important to us, new discoveries present themselves in profound ways.

They all line up so full of hope, Each thought to win that race.

And fathers watched from off the side Each cheering for his son.

The whistle blew and off they went, To win and be the hero there was each young boy's desire.

The little boy who thought to win Lost his step and slipped.

He fell flat his face.

But as he fell his dad stood up, which to the boy so clearly said, "Get up and win the race."

He slipped and fell again!

But in the laughing crowd he searched And found his father's face; That steady look which said again:

But trying so hard to catch the lead He slipped and fell again!

But then he thought about his dad.

"Get up" an echo sounded low.

"Get up and take your place; For winning is more than this: To rise each time you fall.

Three times he'd fallen, stumbling; Three times he rose again; He still ran to the end.

But when the fallen youngster Crossed the line last place the crowd gave him the greater cheer, For finishing the race.

"To me, you won," his father said. You rose each time you fell."

For all of life is like that race, with ups and downs and all. And all you have to do to win, Is rise each time you fall.

Closing Thought: If you have a favorite that you've written or enjoyed over the years, please submit it for consideration to:

Mac Anderson Successories 2520 Diehl Road Aurora, IL 60504

Dr. D. H. (Dee) Groberg is founding vice president of the International Covey Leadership Center. Dee speaks several languages. He has participated as a guest lecturer and educator at many international conferences on such topics as productivity, quality and training.

Dee and his wife, Sharon, have six children.

Mac Anderson is the founder of Successories, Inc. He was also founder and CEO of McCord Travel, the largest travel company in the Midwest, and part owner/VP of sales and marketing for Orval Kent Food Company, the country's largest manufacturer of prepared salads.

Mac speaks to many corporate audiences on a variety of topics, including leadership, motivation and team building.

Written by: Angela Watkins Thomas
Book Reviewer, Web Content Provider/Writer/Blogger, Researcher, Former Sunday School Teacher

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