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Lamentations of sinners
by Christopher Juarez

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Lamentations of sinners

Oh that I grieve for myself, WRETCHED this man is! A sinner - with so light a sin but yet so heavy. My soul yearns for redemption - for freedom from sin! This poor soul cries in sorrow still.

Are we not all liars, rebellious, and sinful? Behold! The worms are much better than all of us, For they move, and eat, yet they commit no sin. They know not the law, responsible to no rule!

But we, men who were given a conscience, The law itself proves our own degraded state! For no one here on this present world, Could perfect the law, NO ONE is perfect.

Wretched souls we truly are, men are fools! We move and eat, as the animals live, But we are ourselves shed each other's blood! To steal from the weak, to kill the innocent.

Are not all of us humans, liars yet proud? Do not our pride and rebellion reveal sinfulness? We take pride in the law, we say, "It is good," Yet we ourselves as men cannot perfect the law.

A foolish person says, "I have no sins!" Behold, the monkeys are wiser than we: For they claim not that they are like gods. And ashamed they are of the foolishness of men.

"Redemption, Redemption!," my soul cries. "Free me from this misery my sins has brought!" These sins one cannot behold through a mirror, Yet the law itself act as our own mirrors!

It shows us, "The law cannot save you," It tells us, "You are a wretched sinner." Oh, I lament for us who sin against the law, But even more for those who are proud of the law!

Wretched, wretched souls, Where is the light? For we are slaves of sin, slaves of the night. We follow the law which cannot here save us. For corrupt we are, fools and men are blind.

'Tis I then cry, for all of us poor sinners! "Redeemer! Redeemer, O send us one!" "Send us a SAVIOUR our poor souls to save!" "From Heaven above, one holy and brave!"

Written by: Christopher Juarez

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