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Mary as a vessel of God
by The Beloved Child of God

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God did not have to choose Mary to be the mother of Christ. There were many women out there that He could have chosen, to be the mother of Christ, and yet He chose a simple woman of no extraordinary talent to be the one who would be privileged to be called the mother of Christ. Why?


God did not have to give a reason for choosing Mary. He could have chosen Susan, He could have chosen Rosy. He could have chosen any vessel He wanted to do that job of His, because He is the Sovereign Lord, and He decided who He wanted to use for His purpose. In His sovereignty, before Mary was even born, God bestowed the honor of being the mother of Jesus to her. There was not a single thing in which Mary had done, yet, whether good or evil, to earn for herself the favor of being selected to be the mother of Jesus. Yet, God chose her. There is no why. God is God. He decides who He wants to use for His noble purpose and two thousand years ago, before Mary was even born, the Sovereign God decided that He would use Mary for His noble purpose.


Mary was chosen because she had qualities in her that was worthy, qualities in which not many other women would have. Firstly, she was a surrendered vessel of the Lord. When the angel first came to Mary and told her that she was chosen to be the mother of Jesus, she immediately consented to God's will for her life after her initial question on how the whole thing could be possible was answered. She said yes, without consideration, because obeying God's will was of a great importance to her.

Secondly, Mary was a woman of humility. She was not someone who thought of herself as a great woman, but she was someone who thought of God as a great God. She knew who it was that was truly great and powerful, that it was not her but that it was God. In the Mary's song which we could see from Luke 1:46 to 55, Mary drew much of the attention on God and not on herself. She praised God for what God did for her, for how God honored her. She did not talk about how much she loved God but she talked of how much God loved her. She was a humble woman, who chose to draw all the attention to God instead of herself.

Thirdly, Mary loved God above everything else in her life. She knew that by consenting to God's will, she would run the risk of losing her marriage and her life, because Joseph might think of her as a woman of a low reputation, a woman who committed adultery since she conceived a baby before she even slept with him. Yet, for Mary, her love and trust for God was so great that she was willing to take that risk for Him. She believed that God would somehow make a way for her out of the difficult situation, and she was willing to put her life, her reputation and her marriage at risk for the sake of being that vessel of God in which God could use for His glory.

Finally, Mary was a woman of faith. She trusted in God that He could make it possible for her, a virgin woman to conceive a child, and she trusted in God that He would somehow explain the whole situation to Joseph and saved her marriage. Mary did not doubt that the possibility of conceiving a child as a virgin was possible even though such a thing never ever happened before in the history of mankind. If God said it could happen, that settled it for Mary. Her faith in Him was extra-ordinary.


Predestination and Free-will interacted and Mary was chosen to be the mother of Jesus. Before Mary was born, God had already chosen her. There was no reason why He would choose her over other women in her times, but He did choose her. God made the first move by choosing Mary to be His vessel before she was even born. After Mary was born, she made conscious efforts to be a godly and holy woman before the Lord. She surrendered her life to God, and was prepared to risk everything in her life for Him. She was the idea vessel for God to use as a mother, because God could trust her to bring Jesus up in the right kind of environment. Mary would surely be a woman who would teach Jesus when He was a baby the important of putting obedience towards the heavenly Father over everyone else in the world. God chose Mary in His predestination, before she had done a single good deed in her life, while she was not even born. Mary chose God after she was born, in her free-will, by honoring Him above everything else in her life, and choosing to consecrate herself to be that willing vessel of His.

Written by: The Beloved Child of God

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