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by kevin Cross Minchakpu

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Many Christian believe that it is wrong to get angry, and that anger should have no place in the life of the believers. This assumption makes us indifferent to certain issues in life.

Apostle Paul wrote to the saints in Ephesus, be angry, and do not sin, do not let the sun go down on your wrath-Eph. 4: 26

Christians can get upset with the devil, and any person who wants to pervert the way of the Lord. This anger should have limitations, dont allow it to stay in your heart until you hate the person that wronged you.

As Christians, we can get angry but not stay angry. If your anger do not have a genuine reason why you are angry; you end up doing things that are uncalled for. Rotten roots will equal rotten fruits. Ungodly anger will produce ungodly actions. In fact ungodly anger NEVER works the righteousness of God (see James 1: 20).

What Paul meant by be angry, and sin not is learnt to control your anger. Dont allow your anger own you or even control you. Every Christian must learn to control their anger.

One of my weakness is I easily get upset at every little wrong done to me. As a young missionary, my mission president noticed that, and called me one day to his office and counseled me to learn to control my anger, as a person and as a leader. That any time I am angry, I should not stay there, that I should go away or sing a song I love, and that above all, I should pray and ask God to help me in this struggle.

I did as I was told, today, I have lean to control my anger, and I am happy about it. I learn to love those who wronged me, instead of thinking of ways to settle the score with them or to be even.

Some times as Christians, we are tempted to think that avoiding those who wronged us or who get as fussing at all times is the way out of our struggles. The answer is not to get rid of the people bordering us; but to change the way we feel toward those who hurt us.

When people hurt you be angry with their attitudes, and not with them instead of attacking or looking for way to retaliate, do what the psalmist said, be angry, and don not sin, meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still-Psalm 4: 4

Be still, meditate, and think for ways to love those that hurt you. Think on how to forgive them, or think before you act. Dont rush into decisions you will later regret, but be still, allow God to do the healing process in you and to change those that hurt you.

I am not saying try to overlook what they did, and forgive, there are some thing we dont just overlook; we have to deal with them once and for all. Go and sit that person down, tell him or her what he or she did to you that you are not happy, and sort things out. If we just overlook some things and allow them go, they will hunt us for the rest of our lives, I strongly believed that feelings buried alive never dies.

Ungodly anger changes no one or any situation. You that is angry, you are not changed, and the person you are directing your anger to, is not changed either. We are never going to deal with another person, if we dont deal with ourselves.

Some of us give excuses like, she is the one that hurt me, he is the one that started the mess, you ruin my day, and you always make me mad. The truth is, nobody is going to ruin your life if you dont let him or her. We need to stop blaming other people for our resentment and anger no matter what their offence toward us might be.

If you cant change yourself, dont try to change someone else. Our world will be a peaceful place to live, if we learn to control our anger, and to forgive one another.

It is a big job to try to change the one world so that you can be happy. To be able to do that, we as individuals must change ourselves.

Written by: kevin Cross Minchakpu
I was born in 1976 to Minchakpu Bassau and Alisabatu Laraba Minchakpu. I finished my primary education in 1989 at central Primay School Akwanga, Nasarawa State Nigeria. In 1996, I also finished my S

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