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Daughter of The King
by Mickey Beall

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Who is the king's daughter, what is she like? Highly favored, most blessed among women, a jewel in his crown. This royal princess always has his undivided attention, all of his kingdom is hers as well. She is clothed in a robe of righteousness, her feet walk upon holy ground, an aura of grace and peace surround her. She speaks with authority, for she represents her father the king! His golden scepter is ever extended to her as she enters his holy presence. The king himself anoints her with precious ointment and perfume, her fragrance is a sweet aroma that he especially savors& she has captured his heart. He places a royal crown upon her head, signifying honor and nobility. All who gaze upon her are in awe of her radiance, for she reflects the brightness of the kings countenance. This daughter is not just any ordinary daughter, she is adorned with splendor and majesty, and her worth is far greater than rubies. The king would gladly give his own life for hers. Her father has set her above all her companions, because she is destined for greatness and outshines even the stars. This father who so adores her is not just a worldly king over an earthly kingdom. He happens to be ruler over all Heaven and Earth together. He reigns supreme over the entire universe& He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, and she is seated with him on his royal throne. In the fullness of time, when he gathers all things unto himself on Earth and in Heaven, she will rule and reign with him throughout all eternity! Who is this princess, this cherished daughter of the Most High? She is YOU! Hallelujah, Amen and Amen!

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Written by- Mickey Beall copyright 2003

Written by: Mickey Beall
Married, mother of four grown children,grandma of eleven.Working as an LPN in a chronic hemodialysis clinic for twenty-six years.Serving as a leader in Women's Ministry at church. Writing poety since childhood, mostly for family and close friends. Started writing short essays and prayers recently. My writing is usually based on personal experiences,along with inspiration received from others and the Holy Spirit. I wish to use this gift in uplifting,encouraging and exhorting others... especially women.

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