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beach scene
by Amy Howe

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A young girl sitting on the beach asked her mother “ Mum, Where is God? How do we know he loves us? How can i get to know him and be his friend?” Hope was very confused about God. She wanted to know so much more about him. She wanted a relationship with her “heavenly father”.

Hope's mother pulled her closer and put her warm hand around Hope's waist. “You see those birds Hope?” as her mother pointed to the birds flying in the sky “They know God exists because they have faith in him to provide them with food and water everyday. Hope, we are much more important to God than birds, so God will also provide for us if we ask him to. We should have the faith of a bird”. Hope began to think “But how can i rely on God to give me everything i need?”

Her mother continued “ You see the water Hope?” as she pointed to the waves lapping over the rocks in the sea “If you drink water you wont die of dehydration, in the same way if you drink of the Holy Spirit each day you wont die because of you sin, you will have eternal life”. “But how do i drink of the Holy Spirit?” thought Hope.

“ You see those shells on the sand?” Hope's mother said as she collected the shells from around them and placed one in Hopes hand, “ God knows exactly how many shells are on this beach, he knows the shape of each one, how it was made and where it came from. In the same way God knows everything about us. He knows how many freckles we have, how many hairs on our head, the moments we first said we loved him, every thought we have ever had. He knows everything Hope. Even every little detail about you”. “But why would he care about me, why would he want to know everything about me?” thought Hope.

“You see the grains of sand on the beach, Hope? God loves you so much more than every grain of sand on the earth joined together. Hope, he loves you so much that he sent his one and ONLY son to die for you on the cross. God did this because he knew that we would never get to heaven any other way because we are so sinful. So God sent his only son, Jesus, to die on the cross so that God could have a personal relationship with us.” “Thats amazing,” thought Hope “I cant believe how much God loves me. I cant believe that Jesus would die for ME!”

“But Hope, its now up to you” said her mother “ all you have to do is say sorry for all your sins, thank Jesus for dying for you, put all your trust and faith in Jesus, read your bible daily and ask for the holy spirit to give you guidence in your life. But most of all live a life of love and spread this beautiful message of God's love to others, it is then that you can be sure that you have a place in heaven with Jesus!” “wow a life time in heaven with Jesus” thought Hope.

Hope and her mother sat at the beach watching the waves crash over the rocks and as she sat there she gave her life to Jesus, she handed all her problems over, asked Jesus for forgivness and promised him that she would do the best she could to spread his beautiful message of love. The sun was setting, colours filled the sky and tears streamed down Hope's face as she realised the God who had painted the sky that night was also her father in heaven. From that day on Hope put all her faith in Jesus Christ and did all that she could to spread the same comforting words her mother once told her. She prayed each day that her words would make a difference in peoples lives just as her mothers words had made a difference in her life.

Hope's mother died a few years later. Of course Hope was sad but she also knew one thing, that was that Jesus was holding her mothers hand all the way up to heaven and that when she got there God would place a crown on her head and say “well done my good and faithful servant”. Hope's mothers words will remain in Hope's heart forever as will Hope's promise to God. She promised to spread the word of God and the love of God for as long as lived, so that others may also have the privelage of having Jesus hold their hand as they walk throught the gates of heaven. Question is: Will you be there holding the hand of Jesus when you die?

Written by: Amy Howe

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