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Examine Your Faith
by Psam S

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What is faith? When is it to be used? How is it activated? Is it something that just….comes and goes at will?

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Hebrew 11:1

Faith in God is for the day of calamity, we live in the day of calamity……so, why do believers stop believing when calamity strikes? What good is faith that only flourishes in good times? Think about it……would you wear a life jacket on the deck of a ship but throw it away when you fall into the sea? When we cling to our little ships of doubt and struggle against the elements, we are defeating the purpose of faith that should be unwavering. We must strive for strength and power to step out on faith in God in times of struggle and trial. Can’t you see.....If there is a Jesus, why do we live as though there is no Jesus? If there is a Father in heaven whom we call our Heavenly Father, why do we live as orphans? If God is our Savior, why do we die unsaved? If we believe that God is our Heavenly Father, why not ask him to heal us when we are ill? If the Christ in whom we believe is all Sufficient, why do we scratch and scrape like chicken in a coup.


What can you believe?

Through faith in God we realize that the world was framed by the Word of God. When we are born again we start to see through our spiritual eye. The Holy Spirit allows us to understand things that we otherwise could not understand. Committed children of God are led guided and directed by His spirit. We follow Him in faith knowing He will not disappoint us or lead us astray. When we learn to obey Him we will be able to see how He is leading and guiding us. Our faith is in a very real person. Jesus Christ. The concept is, before we know and accept Christ as our personal Savior our faith is blind. After we accept Christ as our personal Savior our eyes are opened to His love and forgiveness. We begin to see Him in a new light. A new life and world belongs to us through our faith in God. God freely gave each of us a “measure of faith.” This faith allows the Holy Spirit to move in us so that our faith may grow and be honored by Him. There are several principles that we must follow in the Word of God because truth alone cannot produce answers to our prayers. When we know, believe and follow the Word of God our faith increases. When we pray the prayer of faith and do not obey God, our faith is in vain. If we want to be successful people of faith we must be able to please God. In order to please God we must learn to walk by faith and not by sight. Are you trusting God with your life? Total confidence in God, trusting Him with unquestioned loyalty is behavior representative of real faith. Do you have faith in God? The quantity of faith does not reveal positive results. The quality of faith releases positive results. When we faithfully exercise our “measure of faith” our faith will grow. Faith is a part of our Christian amour. Faith can carry us through every trial and tribulation. Faith is not that difficult to attain. God made it easy. Faith requires taking a step with Jesus while believing, and not giving up on Him. Completely trusting in God can yield “Big Dividends.”

Written by: Psam S
Out of all the opportunities available to her as a citizen of these great United States of America, her favorites things to do are reading and writing. As a student in high school, Literature was her

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