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good luck, bad luck & reversing spells
by LA Flor
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i happened to watch the last episode of charmed for the week (friday)- okay, it´s a re-run of season 2... and since i´m feeling bluer than blue, there´s this another scene that moved me...

in the scene, prue cast a spell on maggie, reversing the "bad luck" that has enchained her for quite sometime, which made her lose hope and want to just die and stop everything bad that she thought she had caused to all the people she loved and to all those who come near her...  the spell goes like this:

                     from this moment on
                     your pain is erased
                     your bad luck as well.
                     enjoy your good luck, maggie
                     you're free from this hell.

NOT that i believe in luck, whether good or bad, and spells to counteract any. i believe in God! and only He can make things turn around! and there´s just no luck at all, only God´s BLESSINGS...

so why the heck am i writing this? it´s just that undergoing the blues, i was reminded of God´s love. i just can´t help it that i´m feeling so sad right now, but yunnowat?!... i´m just gonna let it pass...

if prue could have that concern for a stranger to cast a spell on her and reverse her bad luck, how much more God to me. i mean, come on! prue had concern for a stranger, how much more God for His daughter!...  God loves me and He is so good to be unkind! He has always been there for me and He never failed me! when i watched the scene, my hope was strengthened because i knew in my heart that God is able to do that: to erase my pain and shower me with blessings... surely, i will wait on the Lord. whatever blues i have right now, and whatever it is that brings me down, He will make it turn around or should i say "reverse it" in His time... no spells required! just pure faith in God´s goodness! i will wait for the Lord, yes, i will wait for Him!... for now, i may cry until my eyes swell to the size of a football... i may cry for days, weeks or months, but i know that when the Lord gives me gladness of heart in His time, it will surpass it all... i will have no memory of the pain that i have gone through... i praise God for that, all my life, i will praise Him!

"i love You, Lord! You answered my prayers.  You paid attention to me, and so i will pray to You as long as I live... I prayed and said, "Lord, please don't let me die!".  You are kind, Lord, so good and merciful. You protect ordinary people, and when i was helpless, You saved me and treated me so kindly that i don't need to worry anymore. You, Lord, have saved my life from death, my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling."
~~psalm 116:1-2, 4-8

Written by: LA Flor
The author may be contacted at

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