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A Time Of Spring Freshness
by Mary Wilson
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Ah, finally I can look out my window and see green; and not have to worry about putting on tons of garb to keep my body warm. It is SPRING, Spring, Spring! Yes, spring has once again sprung and the old dead world has come alive.

God loves us so much that He allows the seasons to remind us of the seasons that we live through in our lives. I remember the death of my father. It was in the Fall of the year. It was damp and the leaves were falling off the trees. It seemed like everything around me was sad. Then came winter and the season matched the coldness in my heart. I thought I would never smile again, much less laugh again.

I had always been "Daddy's little girl". How could I possibly live without him? He was my hero. Whenever life scraped my knees, ..he was always there to fix it for me.

It was during this time of my life that I began to search my heart for God. I was raised up in church as a young child, but the summer of my life brought rebellion. I had turned to the fun of this world. I thought that I had all the answers; but seasons have a way of coming to an end. Soon, the summer was over and here I stood looking into coldness and death.

As I looked into the Scriptures I found hope and life. I realized that God loved me and it was I who had turned away. He showed me that He was the Father of the fatherless, and He would protect and care for me.

I would always get depressed when the Fall of the year would come around. It was a constant reminder that death is real and occurs during everyone's life, but through this time God held me close and reassured me of His love.

Scripture reminds us that all of nature declares of God's glory. I especially like the part where the trees clap their hands as the Lord passes by. I think of that verse everytime I see the trees with their new leaves.

Yes, there is new life!

Yes, there is hope!

Yes, there is God's love so prevalent because once again He shows us that He brings forth life after death!

It is Spring and a wonderful time to dance and embrace God's love!

Written by: Mary Wilson
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