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Dare to be Different
by Joyce C. Lock
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The more we discover who God is, the more we come to realize there is no opinion of value, apart from God, in even the simplest of matters. For example: How many times have we had a profound thought, considering it of no importance to write it down; keeping it until its divine purpose is revealed? There is many a poet, song writer, or author whose gift God is trying to awaken, to use for Him; God's effort being cheapened due to low opinions of ourselves. I don't know of anyone who respects a writer, thinking him a loafer, except he has actually been published. Try to get a loan, or a common job, listing occupation as writer. Apply for a writing position and the most likely question will be, "Where did you get your education, or training?" People snub male writers, thinking it a sick excuse to avoid society or work (unless they are, already, bringing in big bucks). If one keeps a diary, television tells us it will be full of dark secrets that will only come back to haunt us. When a child finds pleasure in recording their thoughts, we, sometimes, impatiently await them outgrowing it. Knowing one who keeps meticulous books, records, and ledgers (except it be their job or it directly benefits us); we tend to think them a neat freak, obsessive, or weird. Where do we get these ideas of what is important, or acceptable, and what is not? How do we get the gall to look down on people different from us? When did we start thinking God could not use people, without degrees, or that money is proof of God's calling? And, who made our opinion the authority, anyway? God is the author above all authors; who 'not only used ordinary people, of extra-ordinary faith, to write the Bible (the greatest collection of books ever written) but,' keeps meticulous books, records, and ledgers in Heaven ... even a diary of memories, Malachi 3:16. Compelling some of God's children with His creative ability to write; when we put them down, we put Him down. If God calls you out to be different, follow Him every step of the way and His purpose will be revealed. I am convinced, more and more, that we need to quit telling God what He believes and thinks in EVERY given matter. Only then can we begin to know how He sees things.

~ A Blessing to You ~

Minister to the saved. Minister to the lost. Minister to each other Without counting the cost.

Be there for each other, As God asks you to do. Showing His love toward others Will be a blessing to you.

© by Joyce C. Lock This article and or poem may be used with credits in tact, for non-profit ministering purposes.

Written by: Joyce C. Lock

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