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It's not my Will
by Tiiloni Beavers
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There once were two brothers- Hiswill and Mywill. Hiswill was the oldest. These brothers usually got along real well. They grew up side by side and they hardly ever fought. Oh, you know little things. Mywill was somewhat of a fibber. He would tell stories to get what he wanted and there would be Hiswill with a watchful eye.

As the boys grew the differences grew with them. Mywill started doing everything he felt he was big and bad enough to do. I couldn’t even sit here and tell you the mess Mywill got himself into. It would make a grown man cry. Suffice it to say that he made a mighty hard bed to lie in. Well, about this time Mywill really started fighting with Hiswill. If His will said we should go left Mywill went right. Hiswill could say let’s wait to do that and Mywill would be revving up his engines ready to go.

Mywill started fighting his brother so much he couldn’t stand to be around Hiswill. One day he just blew up.

“Get away from me! You are boring and you think you know everything. You always think you’re right! I have a mind of my own and I can think for myself?”

His will looked at Mywill with tears in his eyes. And all he said was, “I’ll always be here when you need me.” Mywill turned and walked away leaving Hiswill standing there. Time passed as it always does, since God set it in motion. Hiswill never changed he remained in the same place just waiting.

So, I guess you’re wondering what happened to Mywill, well let me tell you. He got himself into something that he absolutely couldn’t get out of. He had hit the bottom of the barrel, I think Mywill was under the barrel. Anyway he eventually began missing his brother. He had to admit that if he had listened to Hiswill, he would not be in the position that he was in. He wanted to call him, even if it was just to see how he was doing. Mywill had become close friends with a guy named Pride who had been living at the bottom of the barrel for a long time. Pride would always tell Mywill that Hiswill wouldn’t want to talk to him.

“Man, he wouldn’t want to help a low life like you. This is where you belong now, forget about him.”

Mywill had believed that for a long time, but he would always here Hiswill saying, “I’ll always be here when you need me.”

“I wonder, if he’ll even care,” Mywill questioned? So much time had passed. Finally Mywill got the courage to call. Dialing the number seemed like it took an eternity.

“Hello,” came the soothing voice on the other side. Hiswill sounded the same.

“Hey Hiswill, it’s me, Mywill. I just wanted to call and say hello.”

“I knew that it was you. I’ve been waiting for this call for years. I am so happy you’ve called. Are you ready to come home?”

Mywill began to weep, “How did you know? I have made such a mess of my life. I am ready to listen and do what you say.”

“Mywill one thing you don’t understand is that I only want what is best for you. Even when we were kids I wanted to lead you because I knew what was best for you. It didn’t always seem right to you because you couldn’t understand it. But now that you’re ready you’ll see that I will only tell you what is right.”

Written by: Tiiloni Beavers
Hello, my name is Tiiloni Beavers and I am a servant to Christ as well as His body. I love the Lord with all of my heart. I am a wife and mother of three beautiful children. I am the president and founder of the Wholly Women Fellowship.

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