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Single Black Christian Woman
by pamela rhodes

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Hey soul sister, how have you been? I hope, blessed going out and blessed coming in. I was thinking about you so I picked up my pen. To drop you a few lines about our obsession for me.

I was sitting in the beauty shop falling asleep under the hair dryer. When I heard my sisters conversating my ears were on fire. They were talking about their men, their lovers, and boyfriends. Revealing blow by blow how they are committing this SIN.

FORNICATION is the sin that I'm talking about. Read Thessolonian 4:3, if you have any doubt. "Abstain from this act:. is what God said. I'm awaiting the day when it sinks in our head.

You got motions, potions, and Victoria Secrets. And some other gadgets I dare not mention. You have all these things just to satisfy that brother's flesh. Then you're pricked with convictions, girl you can't even rest.

You're even committing adultery just to have a date. A man who belongs to someone else and you have the nerve to say. "Don't Hate". Girl if you're shacking, you're practicing Sin. Day in and day out in that unholy Den.

I can stop drinking and smoking, but no sex is hard to do. Just give it to Jesus and he'll deliver you from that too.

Wake up, my sister, need I remind you who you are? A Black Queen A Child of God, not a pick-up at the bar.

I need a man in my life, we often say. You have him, and don't know it, gonna drive him away. His name is King Jesus, the one and only. He'll hold and rock you, when you're lonely.

Jesus said, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all will be given unto you". MY SINGLE BLACK CHRISTIAN WOMAN, that includes a husband too.

Sisters, if these brothers loved you, knowing you're a Christian and all. He wouldn't as you to sin, causing you to fall.

So next time you say NO, and that brother has a fit. Tell him, GOD SAID IT, HE MEANT IT, AND I'M GONNA REPRESENT IT.

COPYRIGHT@2002 Pamela M. Rhodes Book titled: A Little Something Something For My Christian Brothers And Sisters

Written by: pamela rhodes
The author may be contacted at

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