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Reflections From a Broken Mirror
by Pat Hood

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Reflections In A Broken Mirror

It was not known when the mirror shattered. It was only known that in a moment of darkness that which was one came crashing down and became many.

Nor was it known how it happened. Whether it was out of carelessness, ignorance or by design, it happened and once done could not be undone.

The first reality was that the Son entered and the Light grew. Where once there was only one reflection suddenly there were many. Not a corner of the universe was without the Light.

As the Father looked on the Son knelt to gather the pieces up. He touched not those pieces that lay face down but collected only those which reflected His image. As He did so the sharp edges tore at His skin. Even as He watched the spots of light move about Him, His own blood covered the broken glass.

He turned to the Father displaying the gathered shards. They formed a perfect shape with no voids between the pieces and yet each still reflected the Light in its own direction. Still there remained certain pieces that had fallen downward and reflected no Light. Only darkness covered the dull surface.

The Son drew close to the Father and, stretching out His arms, made a gift of the broken pieces. “Father, see these which I have gathered and bring to You. My blood is on each one. Only those left face down are not covered with my blood. Do you wish, Father, that I bring those pieces as well?”

“No, My Son. I have no need for those which will not reflect the Light. See how each piece fits together and lacks nothing for the missing ones? See how your blood binds each part? Your touch has brought them together and yet still they reflect the Light, each in a different direction. Your work here is finished.”

And that Light, reflected and enhanced by the Image in the glass, was never extinguished.

Written by: Pat Hood
The author may be contacted at

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