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Ex- Hells Angel and drug addict delivered
by Billy Fourie

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I grew up in a good christian home, but submitted to peer pressure and my own inner lust at the age of 12. I became a drug addict and a certified alcholic at the age of 17 yrs. I joined the local Chapter of the feared Hells Angels motorcycle gang and as I was the youngest member and loved fighting I was named Billy The Kid. I was sucked into a subculture of bikes, fighting roberries and drugs. I hated everyone who was not part of the so called brotherhood. (they were called peasants) After many years God began to work and answer the prayers of a christian mother who never stopped believeing that God could deliver her son from darkness.

One night I was approached by a young man and invited to a church service I refused and the entire weekend I could not sleep, by the Tuesday I was in such a state that I realised that I need to get my life sorted out, at this stage I had lost my job and was spending time robbing banks and stores for a living. I fell on my knees in a small room all alone and wept for the first time in 9 years. I asked God to forgive me for my sins. While weeping there was a knock at the door .At first I was embarresed to open the door but the knocking was persistant. I opened the door and there was a man dressed in a jacket and tie. He said while sitting at home God had told him that somone was in desperate need, he drove as God directed him and stopped and My door. I immediately knew that God had just heard my desperate cry for help and had sent someone specifically to my door. This act of God would stay with me for the rest of my life through many dificult times I have always known that God loves and cares for me as he does for us all and he is never to busy to hear our cry for forgivness and than we become his children he hears our every cry and prayer.

God has been so good to me I was instantly delivered from drugs and began living a life pleasing to God. I got married and had 3 wonderful children. I have been very involved with youth and God has used me over the years to share my testimony with thousnads of young people from South Africa. 4 years ago I started a Youth Safari business with my wife and daughter . We take students from all over the world into different parts of Africa. On echo adventure tours. We have had many oppurtunities to share with these students what God has done for us. You may want to visit our website I have also written a small book about how God delivered me from Darkness into his wonderful light. We serve a great and mighty God who is able to do the impossible.

Written by: Billy Fourie
I am a christian who has been serving our Lord for 33 years. I have been delivered from a very dark past and translated into a very great light

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