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What If My Failure is Someone Else's Fault?
by Ruth Marlene Friesen
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[Note: this is the last in a series begun with the article, Why Doesn't God Seem to Want me Rich? I've been looking at five possible reasons].

We've discerned from God's point of view, that it is more important that we be humble (not timid!), have good character built into us, and that He may be disciplining us for actual sins. However, He may well be preparing and polishing us for leadership positions too. All of these He accomplishes by allowing us to struggle and learn to succeed by trial and error, and by repeated setbacks. This is a sign He loves us far more than we thought!

Our problem is, we get bogged in the details and lose sight of the BIG picture.

Still, we might be failing in our business because of someone else's sin. God might be polishing us by our experiences, but success is withheld all because of a spiritual tie to the sin of a family member or ancestor.

I found this a surprising thought when I read it in a counselling course I took. But I've thought about it since and realize that in some cases it may well be true.

Dabbling in the occult should be discouraged. A period of depression came upon me once until I renounced my new curiousity in horescopes and promised God I'd never look at them again. A teenage girl in a church club played with an occult game, and was turned into a vicious and difficult person. Even when she threatened to slash my tires and the church told me to cut off ties, I tried to help her. Finally I had to let go, and cut off contact. All that to say evil spirits can and do get hooks into us. It's serious business whether we know it or not.

Suppose now that Satan has used some little sin to leverage control over you. It may not even be your own sin, but that of a parent or grandparent, or close friend. These are known to transfer from generation to generation. You just thought you were unlucky in health and business. That it's a family trait to be poor at handling money or crashing every new venture into the ground.

Maybe it isn't accidently so. Have you ever plucked a rose apart and tried to figure out how it was made? Took a genius! God! He simply doesn't do random foolishness.

Don't go on a vendetta campaign. Instead, pray and ask God to help you discern the truth. Then sit still for a while and think about all your close relationships - even with those who have died, and look at them from God's point of view. Anything you see as an affront to the holiness of God?

Now clean them up! Name them as sins and agree with God that they are shameful. Tell Him you are on His side now, and want to renounce all ties to that stuff. Say it aloud. Satan can't read minds and he needs to overhear this.

When all done, worship God by telling Him how much you love and respect Him. Bask in His love and ask Him to bless you and make you a blessing in your business and every other area of your life. Make up your mind to look for right answers. He promises to bless those who crave wisdom.

Watch out! Things are going to change. Perhaps not all at once, but you will have new energy, new ideas and a sense of purpose and see the importance of your work. You may also see clearly that some parts ought to be trashed.

You may get bogged down or go off on a tangent and have to do it again some day, but as it says in my favourite Proverb in the Bible; "The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it." (Proverbs 10:22) Really! Once He brings you income, it will be clean and unfettered by unneccessary hassles. You'll be able to enjoy it!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ruth Marlene Friesen, Editor of JournalDigest, A Journal of God's Provision. God cares about your internet business! Want Him involved? See how at Author: Keep your eyes open for "Ruthe's Secret Roses." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Article may be reprinted only with resource box].

Written by: Ruth Marlene Friesen
The author may be contacted at

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