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A Kept Woman
by Pat G'Orge-Walker
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One exhausting evening, I hurried my eleven-year-old grandson off to bed and eagerly headed into the living room. The living room was my sanctuary for my “me” time. After leaning back in my recliner, putting my feet up and closing my eyes in relief the words, “a Kept Woman,” flashed through my mind. Of course, I sat straight up and thought, “who me?” I thought I had lived pretty much a somewhat chaste life. I never had much of a choice. I was a PK. A preacher’s kid. Both parents were pastors and preachers. My grandmother, according to her, was very intimate with God.

Immediately, I wanted to run and write it down. As an author I was constantly bombarded with attention grabbing titles that I assumed would titillate my readers. That time the title, “A Kept Woman,” was specifically for me.

I sat down, again, in the recliner and thought, “Am I a kept woman? Kept by whom or by what? I never had a rich boyfriend. A Kept Woman. What does it mean?” After letting my mind go back, as far as even my childhood, I was reminded that I most certainly had been, “A Kept Woman.”

At the age of three I was trapped in a fire that raged beyond control. I remembered the scene that day as clearly as if it had just happened. The smoke, the fire, and especially the brave fireman that risked his life coming through the flames to rescue me were still vivid. At the moment the fireman picked me up and held me tightly beneath his coat, God had set in motion my safety net. He had kept me alive.

At the age of fifteen I was assaulted and left for dead in the woods. I somehow managed to drag my bloodied body out to safety. I was not alone. God provided me with a Guardian Angel. Again, He kept me.

Some years later, I was in my car and a huge Mack truck recklessly slammed into the drivers side. The car was totaled and I was seriously injured. I was mangled and had slivers of glass embedded in my skin. According to those in authority, I should not have survived. I did. God kept me and healed me.

When I contacted a viral infection in the base of my brain and almost completely went blind, God kept me and He healed me.

There have been so many instances that God has stepped in and kept me. He has kept me from hurt and dangers. Some seen and not seen. God has kept me from making many mistakes, but most of all, He has kept me to do His will.

When I think back over the past, the present and the future I realize that I am, indeed, A Kept Woman.

I praise and thank God for keeping me. As He has kept me, He can keep you too. We are all here, not by happenstance, but by the will of God. I have a verse that has become my mantra,…”I am a living testimony. I should have been dead and gone, but the Lord let me live on. I am a living testimony. And, I’m glad, glad, glad.

Jude 24: Now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy…..

Written by: Pat G'Orge-Walker
Gold Pen 2000 Innovative Writer Recipient, Christian Comedian/author Pat G'Orge-Walker, the creator and author of the hilarious gospel comedy series entitled, "Ain't Nobody Right But Us-All Others Goin' To Hell" has written, sung, acted and performed Stand Up comedy for many years. Her venues have included - "The Improv" and Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan, NY, Universal Amphitheatre in LA, Ca as well as Reno, NV. She has also written monologues, music and skits for former TV show, "PM Magazine" and for Adelco Award Winner actress/singer, Sandra Reaves and several others. ***Radio and Retail Record Marketing Promotion Consultant ***Industry veteran of several major Record Labels ****************************************** In addition to being an standup comedian, author, actress, singer and successful entrepreneur, she is also a former member of R&B 's Legendary girl group, "Arlene Smith & the Chantels, the Gospel Groups "The Spiritualettes" and "The Heavenly Two" Pat G'Orge-Walker's two books, Sister Betty! God's Calling You! And Sister Connie Fuse Makes A Grave Mistake are vignettes of the antics of a spiritually-challenged congregation. With the popularity of shows such as "Touched by an Angel," concern with heavenly ventures and spirituality is an ever present supposition in modern readers' minds. The premise of both storylines is that Joe Bill, an Angel-in-Training, got into heaven on a technicality. As a result, he is booted back to earth. In order to gain both wings, his mission is to try to soften the hearts of the members of the "Ain't Nobody Else Right-All Others Goin' To Hell" Church. These stories will not only make you laugh, they will make you think. Read how they praise God--you do the opposite.

Don't forget to log onto for another dose of spiritual comedy surrounding the misadventures of Rev. Knott Enuff Money and his spiritually challenged congregation. New Release..Kensington Books -Sister Betty! God's Calling You Again!, Mother Eternal Ann's Dead, Cruisin' on Desperation, Somewhat Saved Any resemblance to those dead or alive is a shame!

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