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Overcoming the Spirit of Offense
by Apostle Janet L. Newell
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The spirit of offence is something that many people suffer from yet they don't even realize it. I was one of them. I remember going before the Lord concerning my stunted growth in Him. I dedicated this day in particular to fasting, prayer and staying in the Face of the Lord because I wanted to hear clearly from Him concerning me. I started that day with prayer and worshiping God. Singing and reading the Word. As I began to worship the Lord in song more and more, I found my self weeping laying prostrate before the Lord on my living room floor.

Suddenly I felt this tremendous pain in my chest. The pain originated in my stomach and traveled to my chest. It was like a large lump stuck in my throat. I began to cry out to the Lord. Lord this is so painful. It hurts what is this. The Lord said it is hurt that comes from the Spirit of Offence. I then said to the Lord I thought that I was delivered from that.

God then began to show me I wasn't healed simply because I had contempt in my heart and resentment towards the very people that in my mind I thought that I forgave. I learned when offence is conceived it brings forth un-forgiveness. He began to say to me, "Great peace have they which love thy law and nothing shall offend them." I knew that scripture oh so well. Because that was the scripture I would often quote when I felt like I was becoming offended.

God began to show me that the offence was still there. It was evident because of the sick feeling or pain that I felt every time I would think of those people in my life who betrayed me. Who rejected me and abandoned me. As the faces of the loved ones and friends flashed in front of me God said, "You have every right to be offended but you don't have a right to stay offended." I realized that day that things happen to offend a person all the time, but when we internalize them thinking about what happened over and over again it plants a seed of offence.

I remember just pouring out to the Lord that day. Telling Him how I felt concerning the offences and the people who committed them against me. He showed me in the Word of God how Moses was offended in Exodus 2:11-12 concerning the treatment of the Hebrew slaves which caused him to slay the Egyptian. God gave me great insight through Moses' actions. He showed me how the spirit of offence can bring forth murder. Moses was offended and once he responded to the feeling of offence He became an offender.

The one who was offended became the offender by murdering the Egyptian. When we are offended we may not physically kill a person, however we do kill them with our mouths. Our mouths, if we are not careful can cause much damage.

The Word of God says in James 3:8 But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. The character killing things that we speak with our mouths while entertaining the spirit of offence makes us an offence toward God. I learned so much that day. I wept and cried, it slowly turned to a wailing. All I knew at this point was I wanted to be delivered from this thing that was keeping me from growing in the Lord. This thing that was causing so much pain in me.

This thing that was causing me to be an offence in the sight of God. I repented and emptied myself out. I laid everything on the altar that day. I was desperate for my deliverance. God purged me that day. He set me free. I felt lighter in my spirit. Like a ton of bricks was lifted off me. I began to call those people that I felt offended me and apologized to them for being an offence as well. It brought forth healing not just in my life but in theirs too. I remember sharing what God had did in me and for me with so many people.

The Word of God says watch as well as pray. I learned that we must watch and monitor what is going on within our spirits constantly. It is so easy to fall back into that spirit if you are not careful. I learned through Matthew 18:7 that offences will come or people will do things to offend you. But I also know that the Word of God has a counter attack against the spirit of offence. Great peace have they which love Thy law and nothing shall offend them!

Dr. Janet L. Newell

Written by: Apostle Janet L. Newell
I am a Servant of the Most High Yahweh!

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