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Becoming A Strong Woman
by DeBorrah K Ogans
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What does it take to be a Strong Woman ?

Within the context of the Bible there are many women who lived exemplary lives under strenuous conditions. They exude an excellent strength that allowed them to still keep their femininity enact yet be quite forceful. They continued to grow spiritually and make their mark in the world. With God you can become a godly woman at any point in your life it is never too late! For example; Miriam worked faithfully along side of her brothers Moses and Aaron. Rahab a harlot; gave up her promiscuous life to help the spies of peace and all that was in her household were saved! Esther through driven tenacity her perseverance under insurmountable odds saved her people. Deborah a wise judge, who the people came to for direction, led men into battle and helped to victoriously win that battle. Jael, in fact actually defeated Sisera the commander of that army. It was the women who remained at the cross when Jesus was crucified and it was the women who were the first to bring the "Good News" that Jesus had risen and was alive!

In order to know God personally a woman must have an ongoing relationship with Him! This involves commitment to His Word as well as times of stillness and solitude. Occasionally flicking through the pages of the Bible and pulling out a scripture or two will not do. You need to take time to develop your relationship! This will spare you much heartache! God knows right where you are; and He Loves you! One must commit to develop quiet time with Him in order to contemplate and digest His Word and apply it to your life. It is at this time, as a woman you are able to develop a keen sense of who you are in Christ and then commit to living by the Truth of His Word. Yes, we live in the world and are to interact, socialize and fellowship with one another. But in order to grow in His wisdom, grace and knowledge you must learn spiritual boundaries!

Being a strong godly woman is inclusive of many things. It takes a strong woman to organize and efficiently run a household or a business. To create an environment that is inclusive of spiritual development, positive healthy family dynamics and fun and enjoyable activities for the family, friends or workers to engage in and enjoy! There is a vast array of pursuits for a woman nowadays. Many have too often put aside God and conformed to the world's ways. You cannot change anything that has happened. But you can begin to go forward with the Lord now! No matter how old you are God has a place and a plan for you! Many ask can a woman do it all or have it all? Hmmm That all depends. What do you mean by ALL! With God you have everything you will ever need. HE will provide a path for you to do the things He has in His will for you. One must surrender to Him! "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Each of us have been created with varying temperaments, all of us having both strengths and weaknesses. Spiritual growth naturally happens as you abide in Him! He has given us an inner Guide, His precious Holy Spirit! What is so wonderful about God, He says: "My Grace is sufficient for you, for MY strength is made perfect in weakness."

What really is important in life is when the day is over and the stillness of night is upon you, are you content? Do you feel that you are moving towards fulfilling your life's destination? We all are quite different, what works for one may not work for another. But God's principles apply to all of us! Have you experienced the JOY that only comes from knowing the Lord! Yes, you love your spouse, family, friends and..... But as a women of God you praise, worship and adore the Lord as well " He gets Center priority!" God has a void in all of us only He can fill! You can become "like a tree that is planted by the rivers," you can stand strong when you are rooted in Him! Bad things do happen to good people! But, you are able to go through with Him and help others to go through as well. Persecutions, trials and tribulations are a part of life. They stretch us! But, one can be of good cheer! There comes a Peace from knowing that Jesus has overcome the world for us!

Traveling is a wonderful experience that can expose you to different lifestyles and cultures. It will help to broaden your perspective and give you valuable insight. Realizing that everywhere you go God is with you, you become more aware of and appreciate His marvelous handiwork all about you! Today, one can travel and communicate all over the world and never leave their home or office. Our world is going through many transitions. "The grass is not always greener on the other side." True security and significance can really only be found in the Lord! Commit to being the same person you are at Church at home, school and at work. Begin to be real with God! Everything you will every want or need is possible through Him! You do not have to become dull or uninteresting or give up having fun. Quite the contrary! You can age gracefully always striving to be the "BEST YOU," No one can be a better you than you! God has created each one of us with a plan and purpose in mind. It is a choice to pursue it His way, do your own thing or the world's way!

At some point you may need to perhaps take time and get away from it all. It is important from time to time to take a personal inventory to see just where you are in your walk with the Lord! You can also just set aside some quiet time "To BE STILL and KNOW" and do so as well! Ask yourself? Are you growing spiritually? Are you bogged down by the pressures of life? Are you consumed with everyone else's life and don't have one of your own? Have you simply gotten into a ritualistic rut? Are you on a fast track that is taking you to a destination that someone else wants you on or designed for you?

Are you faithfully keeping the embers burning in your marriage? Singles are you staying close to the Lord until ...? Are you at peace or are you constantly stressed? Are you being the "Best You?" I realize that there are many things going on in life. It can be overwhelming with all the "stuff" going on about us in the world! To some degree we all have been impacted. But you have to make a point to not let it get you down. Nor to just roll along and let life happen. If it has or before it does, change your focus. Shift your focus to God give Him His place in your life! Don't let life just pass you by and not find some time to enjoy it. God our Father, Creator and Maker really does have it all under His control!

Spending quality time with God will help point you in the right direction. It will do wonders for your prayer life. Prayer is not always verbal. Praying without ceasing is a cognizant state of mind, of God's Omnipresence. Prayer is communicating with God, prayer involves listening! Pray for your spouse! Pray for your children, family and friends! Pray for your desired future spouse? Pray for our government and this world! As a woman of God eternal life is an absolute certainty. "For It is by grace you have been saved, through FAITH and this is not of yourselves. It is a GIFT from GOD not of works." Ephesians 2 The Word of God has power to strengthen and renew your mind. Knowing, believing and implementing His Word daily in your life is key. Your emotions and actions CAN be transformed by the power of His precious Holy Spirit! God does have a purpose and plan for you! With God at your side you can be a Loving, Strong woman of God. This is a lifelong process and we are "forever becoming!"

This article, "Are We Ready For Marriage", is LESSON 2 from the premarital book "How Do I Love Thee". The book was designed to be read in 1/2 hour. You can purchase the book from Amazon, or you can read the entire book ONLINE!!! for FREE!.

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Written by: DeBorrah K Ogans
DeBorrah K. Ogans is a Marriage Educator, Christian Counselor, Author, and Minister. She is certified through the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling in Creation Therapy and holds a Masters Degree in Biblical Clinical Counseling.

Her published works include a pre-marital guide How Do I Love Thee: Food For Thought Before You Say I Do, , Holy Matrimony: Now That We're Married, and most recently, her fiction book targeted for teens/young adults, "The Enchanting Legends Of Shiloh Mansion:The Young King"

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