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Important Eating Habits for Children
by Saumya coory
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Good eating habits are vital for child development and should be established during the early years of a child. Good or bad habits are learned by children as they are repeated continuously and they become "automatic." Just like how children learn how to crawl and then they get onto their feet and within no time they walk without having to even think about walking!

However, the problem with bad habits is that they are difficult to break or get rid of. So it's extremely essential that children have good habits regarding child nutrition as early as possible. As a parent, set a good example so that your children follow it easily too. When your children are young, you have to feed them as they are just learning about tastes and developing liking towards certain foods. So if you feed them nutritious and health foods like fruits and vegetables, they will continue to enjoy these foods even as they become adults. However, if parents like yourself have snacking and other bad eating habits, your children will have them too!

Although moving away from bad habits can be difficult and time consuming, good eating habits will last a lifetime. Also poor eating habits can lead to obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. So use the follow tips to get your child started early about nutritional health.

" Experiment different nutritious and healthy foods with your child.

" Ensure that you and your family have three healthy meals on a daily basis. Also sit down the entire family to a meal at the same time everyday: set a "mealtime." Snacks can be allowed occasionally as long as they have some nutritional value and don't disturb the meal.

" Stay away from eating after dinner. Don't let your children have midnight snacks.

" Never eat large amounts of food at one meal or in one serving. Know the serving size of your family and provide just enough on the dining table.

" Keep the family meal a pleasant and enjoyable one. Don't let arguments peek up as they can cause over eating as children get stressed out.

" Set out a place to have food in your home; the dinner table would be an ideal place. Do not allow eating in front of the TV, computer or inside bedrooms.

As a mom, be creative and offer a variety and make sure the menu is always healthy, nutritional and tasty. This will make sure that your children and even the whole family will have good eating habits which the entire family can benefit from.

Written by: Saumya coory
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