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Earnest Expectation
by Victoria Kaye

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A couple years back some friends gave me a guinea pig. At the time I wasn't really interested in raising a guinea pig because I already had a couple hamsters, but after a week or two with the little fellow I was hooked. A year later I got another one.

Hamsters are great, but as any hamster owner knows - they prefer to play on you rather than with you. Guinea pigs, on the other hand, are a lot like cats. They greet you when you come home, they like to sit in your lap and be petted, they get excited and start squealing when they hear you rustling around in the kitchen, they even "purr" when they're happy. The biggest difference between guinea pigs and cats is that they can't climb up on the shelves and knock things off, or steal things from the coffee table to play with - then hide them in diverse places. This is a real good thing around my house.

I think the thing I like the best about my guinea pigs is how dedicated they are to me. In the evening, when I finally get to settle down to rest, they gather at my feet and wait expectantly for the treats that they know I have stashed just out of their reach. Even when I'm in my home office working, writing, chatting, or just exploring the net, there they are right at my feet. Treat time has become a tradition, almost a ritual in my home. Every night at generally the same time I can hear them making little bubbly soda pop noises (that means they're really happy) as they waddle their way in a military style line over to wherever I happen to be relaxing.

One night I was so engulfed in what I was doing that I had apparently lost track of time. Getting impatient, Chester reached over and nipped me on the big toe. Before I could reach down and scold him I saw that little face looking up at me - quite accusatively - saying "Hey! I'm waiting down here? Where's my treat?" The older pig, Poppy, was also looking up at me - making little kissing type movements with his lips as if he were trying to speak. Of course I had to reward Chester's boldness by giving them both a treat.

That really got me thinking. To them I am the most important thing in the world. I am their source. I provide them with food, water, shelter, love, and best of all - treats. Not just any old treats, mind you. I give them the best treats, the treats they like. And believe me, they won't settle for anything less, I've tried. During the evening treat ritual - I am the main focus of their attention. Except for the occasional joint nudge, sniff, or scratch, they intently watch my every move. "Treat time tunnel-vision", I call it. They wait with earnest expectation for me to bless them. And, as in Chester's case, diligently remind me that they're there, at my feet, waiting for me to act.

I truly feel that this is how we should be in our relationship with God. After all, He is the single most important person in our lives. He provides us with our food, water, and shelter - not just spiritually, but also in the natural. He loves us unconditionally, and enjoys showing us His love by blessing us with little treats. Not just any old treats, but the treats we really like. Focusing our attention on Him, and Him alone, ensures that we won't miss out on the blessings that He wants to give us.

Having the privilege of spending time sitting at God's feet - in His very presence - comes only when we recognize that He is the most important person in our lives. It comes when we realize that He loves us so much that He allowed His Son, Jesus Christ, to voluntarily surrender His life on the cross so that mankind - YOU and I - could once again have a free and intimate relationship with God the Father. Absolutely no one can top that blessing.

Take a lesson from watching your pets - be they guinea pigs, cats, dogs, birds, horses, hamsters, rats, even fish and reptiles. Watch their intensity when they are expecting a treat - a blessing - from you, the most important person in their life. Then turn your attention toward God and let Him know how much you love Him by intently focusing your attention on Him, and waiting in earnest expectation for Him to move in YOUR life.

"My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him." Psalm 62.5

Written by: Victoria Kaye

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