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Preschool Sunday School Filler Activities
by Denise Oliveri
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When you teach Sunday school, especially to preschoolers, every minute counts. You need to make sure you fill the time with crafts, lessons, stories and activities. Even when you take the time to carefully plan each activity, you may find that you are left with a few minutes at the end of the class. Here are some easy five-minute activities that can fill that gap with preschoolers.

Five minute cool down: Take that last five minutes of class and have a "cool down" period. You can do this several ways. First, set the group in a circle in the middle of the room. Go around the circle and ask each child to tell the group one thing they learned in class. You could also ask them to tell you what they liked best about class. You could also pass a toy along with music and when the music stops, have the child holding the toy say something about class that day.

Pick up the room: Teaching kids to clean up after themselves is important--and it is a big help to you. Take the last five minutes of class to get the kids to clean up the room. Big bins and boxes make everything easy to put in the right places, and don't forget to sing the classic "Clean Up" song from Barney.

Learn a new song: There are so many Bible songs that you can teach your Sunday school class. Take that last five minutes of class to teach your kids a new Sunday school song.

Play the "if you" game: This is a fun and easy game that will increase the awareness of the students. Sit the kids in a circle and ask pose statements such as, "Stand up if you are wearing blue," "Clap your hands if you have a pet dog," or "Jump up and down if you have an older brother." This is a fun game that the kids will enjoy.

Work a group puzzle: Working a large puzzle is a fun way to use up the time you have left in your classroom. Put the puzzle pieces on the floor and see how fast the children can work the puzzle among themselves.

Pass the picture: Sit the children in a circle show the picture of the day's Bible lesson to the children. Start off by saying a fact about the Bible lesson, such as "Noah built a big ark." Pass the picture to the children and have them add to the lesson review. This will help you understand what they have learned and will reinforce the lesson as well.

These are just a few of the five-minute activities that you can use to help fill the time in your class. Use your imagination to come up with more of these fun and easy activities.

Written by: Denise Oliveri
Denise has been a homeschooling mom for eight years, and enjoys every minute of it. She works closely with her homeschooling support group and teaches Electives at a homsechool co-op. She also plans fun field trips for students.

In addition, Denise has been a Sunday School teacher for 14 years. In this time she has taught children from preschool through 5th grade. She edits a children's newsletter that goes out to over 200 children in her church four times a year. She also enjoys helping to plan fun family events within her church, as well as with outreach programs in her community.

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