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Law vs Grace
by Robert Minnick
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Law of Moses vs the grace of Jesus Christ;

The great question is, are we still under the Ten Commandments' the Law of Moses?

Some religious leaders say yes and others say no. So what do you say I ask you are we under the law?

We will not take the words of man but the word of God.

Question is who wrote the Ten Commandments'?

Exodus; 24th chapter verse 12

So we see that God, wrote the Ten Commandments'

What does the Ten Commandments' say? Exodus; 20th chapter verses 1-17

Look at what saint Paul said about being justified by the law. Galatians; 2nd chapter verses 11-21

Saint Paul said the law is not of faith.

Galatians; 3rd chapter verses 7-14 Christ has redeem us from the law

Galatians; 3rd chapter verses 16-29

God sent Jesus who was born under the law to redeem us.

Galatians; 4th chapter verses 4-6

God finding fault with first covenant made a second one

Hebrews; 8th chapter verses 7-13

Saint Paul said keeper of the law has fallen from grace

Galatians; 5th chapter verses 1-4

Saint Paul said we are saved by grace

Ephesians; 2nd chapter verses 8-9

The law of moses was a shadow

Hebrews; 10th chapter verse 1-3

Saint Paul speak of the veil Moses put on his face

2nd Corinthians; 3rd chapter verses 6-18 So as I read the words of saint Paul,in the New Testament about the law of moses and about the grace of Jesus Christ, Paul say we are no longer under the Ten Commandments law given to Moses. That Christ has redeemed us from a law that was hard to keep in the flesh in our own power. People breaking that law was sometime stone to death, it was a law without mercy. A law given to the jewish nation only, all other nations were dogs in the sight of God. Jesus came to earth as God in flesh to pay sin debt for all mankind so that God Spirit would now enter into the heart of all mankind. God wrote the Ten Commandments with His own hand but mankind kept on breaking them. The Word of God was manifested in a fleshly body. Animals had to be offer up to pay for sin under Moses law their blood would cover their sins for forgiveness. But when Jesus as the living Word of God,paid all sin debts with His very own blood once and for all. His blood not only cover our sins but cleanse them giving us true peace and forgiveness with God. Saint Paul said the law is the knowledge of sin, they do need to be in every court house and in every school and college. The Holy Spirit has put God laws into the heart of all people that ecept Jesus Christ as Lord. Saint Paul say the law is not of faith but of works. Grace is not of works but of faith only through Jesus Christ. Just think if you or anyone just started to keep the Ten Comannments today do you think this will please God? And if your answer is yes, then I must ask you why did Jesus Christ come to earth and die for you on the cross if the Ten Commandments were good enough. Saint Paul even said if we are still under the law Christ died in vain, no need for Him to shed His blood. Under Moses law we needed priest and high priest. But under grace Christ Jesus is seated in heaven as our great high priest. We can now come to Him by faith, to get answer to prayer. And when saint Paul talk about Moses with the veil covering his face the children of Israel could not look on his face because of the veil, but when Jesus died the veil was rent into now we can go beyond the veil into heaven. After reading this make up your own mind about law or grace.

By; Robert Minnick

Written by: Robert Minnick
I am a born again christian, I love reading books and checking out other christian sites I also love sports watch movies sometimes I write poems anything to praise God

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