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Angel Chimes
by Tammy Hendrix

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Angel Chimes by Tammy Hendrix

To new life a gift is given. Crafted of a beautiful, aged in appearance pewter, it hangs with poetic grace outside the bedroom window. In a gentle voice, announcing its arrival is the...Angel chimes. The light, sweet, calm calling of the chimes captures the attention of the baby boy.

Lying in the crib, the babe stares knowingly at the angels of the chimes. When love strikes the chimes, the boy smiles contently at his new friend.

The joyful, curious boy takes a hold of the side of his toy box. And with great might the child stands to his little, fat, wrinkly amazing feet. Then love strikes the angel chimes in praise of his accomplishment.

With loving encouragement the toddler bravely releases the finger and takes a wobbly step forward. Then he takes another step and another and then flops to the floor. Struck by love the angels excitedly celebrate the boy.

A friend is sulking. He is unhappy from wanting a toy the child enjoys. Feeling the friends sadness the toddler shared his toy with his friend. Proudly love acknowledges the young boys generosity with a quick ringing of the chime of angels.

The adolescent shoves open the door and dives across his bed. He is resentful of promises unkept. Quickly, loudly rings out the chime of the angels to remind the boy that he is not alone. His angels will always be faithful.

Hanging out in his room is the teen and his friends. He become enticed by another's offers of easy monies and euphoric journeys of the mind. And with nothing more than a stern, strong bang of the chimes love warns the teen of impending dangers. The bored, anxious, rebellious teens attention is quickly redirected. He replies no and tells the others to drop it or leave. His friends all stayed. Stressed but thankful love and the angels of the chimes rests quietly.

Year after year an overwhelming load of learning has begun to ware down and discourage the teen. The chime of angels were struck, just barely enough to hear, to relax and reassuringly help the teen to remain patient and focused.

By the moonlight's glow through the window, the young man encounters feelings like never before when he wrapped his arms around she who also is alerted to new emotions. These are ideas he has dreamed over since the day he met her. In the middle of the room the young man and the young lady are serenaded by the harmonic sounds of the chimes of the angels. Love is captivated with yet another path the young man has chosen to experience love.

The room is almost empty. His belongings are all packed in the car. The boy, now a man, sits on the bed he's rested on all of his life. It looks so small to him now. In melancholy thought of the life he's lived in that room, the man looks around with a painted smile. Such memories he replays in his mind. He feels a slight tug of reluctance within. But his feelings soon grow from fear to total excitement of his up coming adventures. Alert, happily standing strong, walking confidently with compassion, understanding and discipline armed with a still youthful education in life, the young man walks slowly to the door. He places his hand upon the doorknob when if to say goodbye, vigorously and proudly the angel chimes trumpeted his right of passage. The man turns the handle, opens the door then gently closes it behind him. With tears of joy, God weeps and gives the angel chimes one more strike for his beloved son.


Written by: Tammy Hendrix

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