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The Whisper
by Tammy Hendrix

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Faint into my ear you communicate in a language of truth. A truth that consist of no speech. Loving guidance is your mission and has been all the days of ere now. I understand that now.

You no longer need to call out to me with such persistence from all places, from all things, from all existence, through all time. I am now without denial and am listening intently. I surrender my will to you. I am tired. I am without option of anything fertile.

My choices are grounded in my vulnerable heart, my need to trust and my desire to love. They do betray me at times. Ignorance defines my lack of ability, to at times, make safe choices. I unintentionally display my vulnerability to those who would harm me. I sometimes do not sense their dark intentions...but you do.

Then delicately you enter into me causing my lungs to fill and redirecting my path. Hindsight allows me visions of the possibilities of my thoughtless acts. Am I naive? Or am I exposing myself to the evils I assume I am due? This is what I have pondered all of my life...until now.

I see now how a covenant you hold scared with my soul has placed a shroud of protection over my body. My purposes become illuminated by your glorious presence. I accept.

Your absolution washes over me and I become awe-struck by the lucid roads you place before my sight. All are paths of virtue. Futures of goodness. All are paths that demand discipline. I know you will help me with my choices.

I know your love guides me towards an existence filled with callings that are unimaginable to me now. I trust you. I believe in you. My faith belongs only to you.

Gently whisper in my ear......I will follow. Amen

"I believe we all hold within the capacity for genuine love and ability to change the world but we have no understanding of what that means"

Written by: Tammy Hendrix

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