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Seeing things
by Jamie Williams

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Lately , I have dreams and they are sometimes warnings or telling me something will happen. I've seen my own abuser getting killed twice! I've even seen my baby and im not even pregnant! Its amazing how God's blesses you a gift of prophecy.

At first it was scary but as I grew accustomed to it, I begin to embrace it so much now its become clearer each waking moment. I saw my own mom dead and then alive, its wierd how things are in dreams, Im glad i have the gift to dream things that have a meaning to it and sometimes it dont.

Thats why I pay attention to what my dreams are telling me, I still need to take a class that will further educate me of what I know and how to cope with. I know im not alone in this, others have more gifts than I do.

Written by: Jamie Williams

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