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12th Annual SheLovesGod Virtual Conference

Theme: "And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you." Ephesians 4:32

Our conference is all virtual (no need to be physically present or even dial in by phone). Enjoy faith-promoting audios and videos from the comfort of your own home. You'll be able to start listening immediately after you register!


This Year's Speakers

Conference Host
Marnie Pehrson

Marnie Pehrson is a wife and mother of 6 and the creator of, and several other web sites. She's written 11 inspirational titles like Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas Into Income, Lord Are You Sure and You're Here for a Reason, as well as 10 Southern fiction novels. Marnie's core mission is to prepare the world for Christ's coming by helping bring unity to Christians of all faiths.  She does this by highlighting the truth and talent exhibited amongst believers everywhere.

The Energy of Forgiveness

Carolyn Cooper

Carolyn Cooper is a gifted energy healing practitioner, Certified Professional Coach, and teacher.  As the Founder/CEO of Carolyn Cooper International, Inc., a rapidly expanding business and training corporation, she teaches leading-edge emotional/vibrational modalities. These effective methods accelerate healing wounds of the past and present and allow clients to claim more joy and peace. Through her professional training and natural intuition (which she says we all have), Carolyn is able to restore harmony, align energy systems, and more fully balance the body.

Carolyn can quickly locate flaws in the ancestral-emotional DNA and repair wounds of the past, some of which have been contained in the lineage for many generations. This powerful method of healing changes energy patterns, transforms behavior and shifts subconscious beliefs. Clients report profound and life-changing results, typically after only one session.

Through inspiration and years of personal and client experience, Carolyn created a unique method that she teaches in her dynamic trainings called SimplyHealed™ (formerly known as Calyco Healing). Carolyn empowers her students with skill sets and tools to help them help themselves and share these gifts with others. SimplyHealed™ is an easy, non-invasive way of clearing away negative emotions.

The Compliment Quotient:
The Art of Sincere Encouragement

Monica Strobel 


Author and expert “complimentologist” Monica Strobel draws on a wealth of professional expertise and practical optimism in her new book, The Compliment Quotient, and all of her creative endeavors. 

She has long been recognized for her can-do attitude and uplift-others approach throughout a 25-year communications career in nonprofits, small business, government and volunteer service. 

Monica is a former executive director, seasoned writer, charismatic speaker and working mother of three, dedicated to empowering busy people to get more joy into and out of their lives, enhance their relationships, and build a more positively successful culture for all.

Healing Through Forgiveness

Judy Rankin Hansen 

Judy Rankin Hansen is the author of Trusting Spirit Now. She's an energy intuitive who sees the world through spiritual eyes, believing that there is more than what we observe and experience in the material world – much more! Spirit affects everything from your relationships to your home, to your health, and your happiness.

Whether you’re a strong believer in Jesus Christ or one who has become disillusioned with organized religion, Judy will show you how to achieve an intimate relationship with your Savior — the Source of all love, light, healing, and forgiveness. In a world that predominantly uses natural laws and creative energy to manifest material possessions, Judy will show you how to use the power of spirit to live your divine purpose — blessing, serving and lifting your fellowman.

Creating a World of Kindness

Dr. Paula Fellingham

Paula Fellingham, international-acclaimed speaker and the author of five books is the CEO of The Women's Information Network and founder of Global Women's Summits which holds women's events across the globe. Paula has spoken at the United Nations and at conferences around the world for over 30 years. Her mission is to strengthen women and families worldwide. She is the mother of 7 children.

STEP Into Compassion: 
How Interpreting the Brain Patterns of Others Connects You With Their True Heart 

Lisa Rae Preston 

Lisa Rae Preston is the author of STEP Into Destiny and the creator of the STEP test which helps individuals discover their core passion and operate from it. STEP helps you live a life accentuated by your strengths instead of tangled up in your weaknesses. You may take the STEP into Destiny test for FREE here.   

The Rippling Effect of Forgiveness

Victoria Fielding 

“There were many dancers, many styles of dances, with innumerable dances being performed simultaneously on the stage of life. And who was to say that one dancer was any better than another? No longer did I think it was just my stage. It was everyone’s stage, and we were all just inexperienced dancers bumping up against each other, and—for the most part—trying to get our steps down, and trying to do our best. That was all. And that was enough.” (From A Piece of Time)

Victoria Fielding, author of "A Piece of Time" is a mother of six and an educator. She is currently the academic director of a residential treatment center for troubled teens in Utah. It is there that she works with some of the best kids in the world. Victoria has had a life-long career in public and private education, having taught all ages, but mostly high-energy teens (and she still has her sense of humor—amazing!). As a classroom facilitator, she has trained professionals in the use of various software packages. Also, she was the state director for Kaplan, a national test prep company.

From Darkness to Light:
Forgiving Yourself and Others

Martina Muir

Martina Muir, now a wife and mother of four, placed a baby for adoption as a teenager. Her journey from self-harm and depression to becoming an international post-placement speaker and mentor for birth moms is an inspiration for anyone struggling to find the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Martina started a post placement program for an international charitable organization and has led groups and conducted one-on-one mentoring for young women who have given up their babies for adoption. In 2008, 2009, and 2010, her presentations at the Family Support Conferences were internationally broadcast. 

Martina is also the founder of the home school organization, Learning Enrichment and Resource Network ( 

Join us as Martina shares her story of hope. Learning to forgive yourself and others is just part of the priceless wisdom she's gained along her journey from darkness into light.

The Forgiveness Formula

Shelley Hitz

Shelley is a Christian author, speaker and entrepreneur. She has authored several books and has a passion to share God's truth through her speaking engagements, books and websites. Shelley's openness and vulnerability as she shares her own story of hope and healing will inspire and encourage you. Download her free ebook and read other inspirational stories of forgiveness here:

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